Sunday, February 24, 2013

Retro style

In 1980s graphic design field reinvented historical style. A new branch of postmodern design emerged in 1980s, with a rediscovering of early 20th century modern design Retro style swept across the world. Poster design in this period was inspirited from Victorian, art nouveau, and art deco. Typography became a major character in the poster. Eccentric and expressive composition are quite common. This preference trend of graphic design style also appeared in Label, Trademark and book-jacket design.

Daniel Pelavin.View Manhattan 45

Daniel Pelavin.Taste of Tribeca poster

Daniel Pelavin.
Oklahoma speaking engagements poster

Charles S. Anderson.
French Paper Company poster

Charles S. Anderson.
Toulouse Latrec Poster

Charles S. Anderson
L.A. Pacific Design Center Poster

Charles S. Anderson
Daniel Pelavin

by Ai

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