Sunday, March 3, 2013

Digital revolution in graphic design

During 1980s digital technology performanced a revolution in graphic design. The first Macintosh computer was invented by Apple Computer in 1984. It presents bitmapped graphics. The term “pixels” represent the dots information on the screen. The computer technology allowed designers to control all the design process on the desktop computer. The words and pictures can be composed into a computer file.

April Greiman is one of the early designers who explored the digital technology. She combined the overlapped images and bitmapped fonts into posters. She digitized the prints and patterns. The digital elements were assembled by using computer software.

April Greiman,
Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art 1986

April Greiman Museum of Modern Art,
New York 1987

April Greiman. Fortuny Museum,
Venice Pacific Wave exhibition 1987

April Greiman
University of California at Los Angeles. 1991

April Greiman

by Ai

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